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🧀Baby Swiss: Original or Smoked,
🧀Brick: Original, Garlic, Onion, or Pepper
🧀Butterkase: Original or Smoked
🧀Calico Jack
🧀Cheddar: Sharp 8-10 mo., Aged, Smoked or Beer
🧀Colby Swiss
🧀Farmers: Original, Basil or Veggie
🧀Fontina: Original or Smoked
🧀Gouda: Vintage Van Gogh, Sriracha or Smoked
🧀Havarti: Original, Jalapeno, Chipotle, Dill, Horseradish, Green Olive, Herb, Caraway or Pepper
🧀Limburger: Block or spread
🧀Muenster: Original, Smoked, Pepper, Smoked Pepper or White
🧀Prairie Sunset
🧀White Cheddar
🧀French Onion
🧀Hot Salsa
🧀Jalapeno White
🧀Tomato Bacon Basil
🧀Garlic and Herb
🧀White Green Olive
🧀White Ranch
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